Frequently asked questions

How It Works?

Simple, Short Link Cut will automatically change all adsense publisher code in each resulting URL into the code of your adsense publisher. All you have to do is promote your link to all people.

How To Find My Adsense Code?

Simple, login to your adsense account and look at the top right, you will find a "Publisher ID". Please copy and add to the inputs on the left using the "pub-", only a number (16 digits). Ex. pub-1234567812345678.

How much will I earn?

Depending on how many people opened your link and the number of clicks generated adsense on it. Short Link Cut will only bring our adsense code in the ratio 1 / 4, then 1 times in 4 times the number of visits.

Is it free ?

Yes it is totally free and even we help you out to achive income from posting links and sharing.